Friday, December 3, 2010

So, the other day...

...I walked into a bookstore. Not just any bookstore, but a Japanese books store. It was sensory overload, very welcome, fun, smile-inducing, and inside-my-head excited comment making sensory overload. It was wonderful. I got this feeling of, right in front of me, is whole new untapped world.

I. Will. Explore.

Some things that I saw that made me smile:
A Japanese version of Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar
A Japanese version of Jeff Kinney's A Diary of a Wimpy Kid

And various other children's books and stories.

Another area that I was drawn to was the "Cooking" section. There were books, magazines, and pamphlets  galore. The only problem: I couldn't read a single one. Oh well, thats was language courses are for! But, I was intrigued by the photography and design of these magazines.  With most books being read backwards, from back to front, or from right to left, what I perceive to the "back" of a book is actually the "front". This is not the case with all magazines and books, but it is the norm for a vast majority.

Some magazines that had websites were:
Haru.mi - Cooking and lifestyle magazine
Hanako WEST - Cooking, blog, lifestyle
Kunel - Cooking and design  (<---The little "mascot" is really cute!)

There are more out there, I just have to figure out contact info and translations! lol!

But anywho, I killed some time perusing around these websites and compiled some images.

Cooking magazines - I really like the blue one in the top left. The drawn plate and silverware and then actual food sitting on top, then ya take a pic of it! (I may expand on this artistic idea!!)

Some local magazines - geared more towards men!

 A series of cookbooks

Another series of Cookbooks - I really like the simple drawn-out design of these. 

I cannot wait to try some local recipes and ingredients! I have said that again and again! But, alas, Hubby is gone for a few weeks, and I have no one to cook for...soon!

Note to self: I found a recipe for potato salad that had what I think was cabbage and avocado it it! Must try!!


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