Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 Part 1

Well not quite yet but soon! I will be in the year 2011 before a majority of my readers, due to currently living in Japan...oh wells, I can tell you that it has been wonderful so far! (by wonderful I mean full of sleep!)

So, for my New Years Eve post, I think I am going to do something different...

A my year in PHOTOS!! (And some words)
Note: All of these photos I took. Photography has been a past time of mine since college.

So, lets start this new year post!


  • Moved back to Minnesota from North Carolina (Hubby deployed to Afghanistan in Dec 2009)
  • Started working at Nordstroms Rack, again

New shoes from work


  • Made awesome Valentines Day cookies
  • Colored my hair from blond to brown
  • Turned 23
  • Partied in Minneapolis
  • Took a sushi making class
  • Went snowmobiling and crashed (my friends dad was on the back. I totally lost control on some ice and the snowmobile sped up into the woods, it flipped on its side. I crashed into a tree with my thighs. My friends dad flew off. I was majorly bruised and my friends dad had to get stitches on a cut on his elbow
Valentines Day Sugar Cookies

Crazy Cake with cool whip frosting and raspberry filling

Spicy tuna spring roll

Spicy tuna hand roll

Yamaha Enticer circa 1980

Bone Lake winter sun


  • Went skiing with my bother-in-law and sister-in-law


  • Made Easter rice krispy treats
  • Celebrated Easter in WI with family and in-laws
  • Celebrated my 3 year wedding anniversary (sadly alone)
  • Made my first ever theme cake = Baseball stadium! (Red velvet cake)
Rice krispy treats decorated with white chocolate

Storm Stadium (Our store is called the Storm) Cake


  • Found out I was moving to JAPAN!
  • Took my mother to the Conservatory for Mother's Day
  • Took the younger in-laws to the MN Zoo
  • Went to Franconia Sculpture park and took way to many photos
  • Went to the cabin in WI for "dock" weekend (we put in the dock and boats)
  • My college roommate and good friend got MARRIED!!

Sea Dragon

Bone Lake sun rise

Bone Lake grass

Night after hotel

Decorated bed!


  • Babysat my new second cousin
  • Went to the cabin with family
  • Work, work, work
  • Find out when Hubby is coming home (YES!)
Robin eggs



  • Quit my job at Nordstroms Rack (so sad, I will miss working there)
  • Have an adventure with my "sisters" (read: in-laws) Eat massive amounts of fro-yo and ice cream, shop till we drop!
  • Spend the 4th at the cabin and watch the best fireworks display right in front of our dock
  • Drive from Minnesota to North Carolina
  • Hubby comes home!!
  • Visit Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC
  • Fly to California to visit Hubby's grandparents, sister, aunt, uncle and cousins
  • Spend some time in Napa (lose a diamond necklace Hubby gave me for X-mas a while back)

Pilot Mountain in western North Carolina

Day before Hubby came the beach reading a book

North Carolina Sun

Arlington Cemetery


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