Friday, August 13, 2010

Refresh me!

So, in leu of getting back from a California trip not to long ago, I would like to share a review of a landmark in St. Helena CA.

I am not sure as to when the original location opened up, but I believe it has been a popular dining establishment for quite some time. Taylor's Refresher gained popularity in the early 2000's and it had been going strong until a change in owners in 200  . Then it became known as Gott's Roadside. The menu is pretty much the same. They are known for their burgers, shakes and fries. Chicken, seafood, salads and other options are served as well.

Some of the Awards that the Refresher as received include one of San Francisco Magazines 50 Very Best Restaurants, and it has made appearances in Food & Wine Magazine, Savor, Travel + Leisure, Gourmet and Bon Appetit to name a few. As well has being visited by Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive Ins & Dives. In 2006 it received the James Beard Foundation Medal for America's Classic Restaurant
"The James Beard Foundation America’s Classics Restaurant Award is given to a locally owned restaurant with timeless appeal, beloved for quality food that reflects the history and character of its community.  James Beard Foundation Awards have become the highest honors awarded to fine food and beverage professionals in North America."
Needless to say, when I heard we were going to Taylor's I was super excited! Upon arriving I was shocked to see that the name had been changed. Why would you do such a thing?! The other thing I noticed was that the line was wrapping around the entire patio! It was about 2ish in the afternoon, but I guess a nice, sunny, summer day brings out all the tourists to this place! Luckily the line was very quick and entirely worth the wait! (even if I only got a chance to eat the fries)

What we ordered: Wisconsin Sourdough Burger w/ mushrooms, bacon, mayo, and BBQ sauce. 1 order of sweet potato fries w/ chili spice. 1 order of garlic fries.

What we thought: The burger was good according to my hubby. He sure likes his sourdough bread, one of his favorites! The garlic fries were good as well, nothing special. They came out very green and tasted like your basic french fry covered in garlic and herbs. The sweet potato fries were by far my favorite. I am a huge fan of them and try them at most every restaurant that I go to if offered on the menu, this was the first time I had them with chili spice. Most of the time they come plain or with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on them. I liked the idea of the sweet and spicy combo. Very good!

Over all rating: 3 out of 5

I think that I would need to go back and sample some more of the menu items to make a better overall review. French fries, as good as they are, are not an adequate sampling of a restaurants menu! Hopefully, some day I will get to go back, but until rating stands!


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