Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Break From our Scheduled Program...

....For a little "get to know me" session!
  1. I am married
  2. I graduated college w/ an art major and a management minor
  3. I love organizing things
  4. Cooking and baking are passions of mine
  5. Someday I would like to own a restaurant with an art gallery/studio space above
  6. I want to travel the world - Place to go before I die = Russia
  7. I like movies, but I cannot just sit and watch, I have to be doing something
  8. I want a German shepherd
  9. I love Indie/Alternative music
  10. I prefer FroYo or sherbet over ice cream
  11. I Cut out and save recipes from every magazine I look at
  12. My favorite season is Fall
  13. I LOVE the water
  14. Favorite sport is Hockey
  15. I eat an apple every day
  16. My biggest pet peeve is when people have their windshield wipers going to fast for the amount of rain falling from the sky
  17. I have really, really frizzy hair. 
  18. I love to take pictures of food, mainly macro stuff, oh, and signs
  19. I am addicted to Starbucks coffee (WCMFL x2 Pumps)
  20. I like pearl necklaces
Well, there ya go! I did this list because last nights dinner was a little bit of a fail. Fail in the visual category. It did not look very photogenic, but it did taste alright! I tried a new way of cooking chicken. I coated it in a mustard mixture and then seasoned bread crumbs. The dish started to go downhill when I went to turn the chicken and all the breading either fell off or was horribly burned. I guess it would have been better to bake it. Oh well, now I know! 

To make up for this I cooked both a wonderful lunch and a pretty standard dinner today. I will post about it tomorrow! With pics as well.

I am going to leave you with some pictures of our most recent trip to CA. Twas fun! 

Napa Vinyards
View down into Napa Valley from my Sister-in-laws, husbands, family's house
Pretty flowers and valley below
Early morning valley fog from the deck
They had a high tower at the De Young Museum looking down into the gardens (being worked on) and a great view of western San Fran.
Wing tips and sunshine on the plane ride home

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