Thursday, August 12, 2010

Changes Changes Everywhere!

Once again, this Blog has been reformatted! I think that I like this format the best, as of right now at least. It is much more simple and clean. Not to busy. The perfect backdrop for my photography!

San Francisco City Hall

The hubby and I recently got back from a 9 day trip to California. We were visiting grandparents in the San Francisco Bay area and siblings in the Sacramento area. We had a wonderful time visiting Downtown San Fran, Napa, and other adventures!

One "Adventure" that sticks out in my mind is the obligatory trip to World's Fare Donuts! This place is very significant to my hubby because he has memories as a child going to his grandmothers house and always, repeat, always getting doughnuts from this place. Of course, one we go to CA we had to have them as well!

Hubby's Fav: Maple Long John (but will pretty much eat anything that has frosting and not cream filled)
My Fav: Glazed Old Fashioned (they also have chocolate and maple glazed) These are the little ones that "crack" open while cooking and look like, to me at least, little flying saucer doughnuts!

I highly recommend going to Worlds Fare, their doughnuts are fresh and there is a vast selection to please everybody, but I understand that doughnut stores are a dime a dozen in CA. Its just so big! But the place is so significant to us, we will stand by them through and through!

Soon I will be posting some pictures from our sparkling wine and wine tours and tastings. I will also include a review on a historic restaurant in St. Helena CA. Can you guess what it may be? If not, stay tuned!


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