Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome to Saffron & Semper Fi!

Hi all!
Wow...I finally started a Well, here is a little about me in a nut shell:

I am married
I am still in school
I love to eat
I love to cook and bake
My husband is in the USMC
I currently am living back and fourth between North Carolina and Minnesota
I am not a writer
I am VERY new to this blogging world

Alrighty...on to FOOD!! So...I have been doing a lot of cooking and baking lately. I am trying to use up all of the baking ingredients in the kitchen before I leave my hubby once again for the start of my final (at least for a while) year of school! wootwoot! He stays in NC and I go home to MN for school. This will be our second year of being apart! It's really not all that hard...AH! Food! OK, sorry, got off track for a little bit there! So, today I made some Kickin' Chicken from some recipe that I had (I have accumulated millions of them that I want to try when I finally have a "home" of my own!) on my computer....I have no clue where I got it, but I did change a few things and what not...I will post the recipe and pictures later, when I have more time!...It was okay...could have been more "kickin'". But, because of this recipe I found out that I have been baking in an oven that is only half working! Yeah!! Get, i have been wondering why the bottom of all of the items I bake have been turning out burnt on the bottom, but not quite "golden brown" on the top, well I noticed that the top heating coil in the oven DOES NOT WORK!!! Jeez! This rental STINKS!!! (that is a whopper of a story!) Well, anywho...this oven in old...Its a Kenmore...old...but hey! It works! (my glass is ALWAYS half full!) That's what I found out, but I kicked out some "Kickin Chicken" and I also made some Garlic Herb & Cheese Pretzels that turned out awesome in my opinion! :-) So I will leave all of my wonderful new readers with some pictures and some words of wisdom...

"Try every thing at least ONCE, cuz we only live ONCE."

"I heart Minnesota! What's luti...luta....lutafisk?"

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