Sunday, August 17, 2008

Righteous Restaurant Review #1


Its a new day and time for a new theme! That's right its time for a...Righteous Restaurant Review!! Da da ta da!!

On the menu today is: DeNoia's Pizzeria in Snead's Ferry, North Carolina. They serve your basic New York style pizza and the other various items that you would expects to find in a pizzeria like: calzones, cheese sticks, garlic knots, pasta, salads, sandwiches, Stromboli, and subs. You can buy their pizza by the slice or a whole pie.

What we ordered: A large 18'' pizza half-and-half. My half was pineapple, Canadian bacon, and onions, and the hubby's was pepperoni. We also got an order of garlic knots. Total price about $17.00.

What we thought: The pizza was HUGE!! 18-inches! that's a lot of pie! My side was good, nothing special though...I wish that there had been some sort of a "kick" or "wow factor" to the pizza, but it was just some really good classic NY pizza in North Carolina. I am assuming that the pepperoni was good as well considering that the hubby at his half! Here are some pictures for your viewing delight!!

Look at those amazing ingredients! Yummy!

The sauce on this pizza was very good! Not to much but not to little! Yummy again!

Yummy Meter: 4 out of 5 Yums!

**Since writing this review, the Hubby and I have tried many more things from this restaurant, including:

  1. Grilled chicken and onion calzone 
  2. Canadian bacon calzone
  3. Grilled chicken, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and hot peppers pizza
  4. Plain cheese pizza
  5. Garlic knots
  6. Garlic pizza fries
There are probably a few that I cannot remember as of right now. The draw to this place is that it is easy, close, delivers, and is NOT a dominoes...I dislike chain restaurants. DeNoia's is by far a much better place. I would recommend picking up the pizza, because delivery can leave you with a luke warm pie...not good!  (Update 9/15/10)

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