Monday, August 25, 2008

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

Sorry, It has been a while...

I have been busy, doing many things like baking, cooking, going to the cabin and going to the MN State Fair! That is by far the highlight of my summer! lol! Just kidding (wink wink to the Hubby!) So, on the the State Fair. For those who do not know, the MN State Fair has been held since 1959. And is one of the United States largest State Fairs. It is known for it agriculture, livestock, arts, and food. Oh! the food! It is plentiful and almost EVERYTHING is on a STICK!! Yup, you heard right, a stick.

Some of my personal favorites are: Pork chop on a stick, Spaghetti and meatball on a stick, Hot dish on a stick, Cheese cake on a stick, Deep-fried candy bars on a stick, Ostrich on a stick, um....there are so many other food items out there!

Some other good foods are: Cheese Curds, Sweet Martha's Cookies, Malt of various flavors, All-you-can-drink milk, Roast Corn, Alligator, Pronto Pup, and anything deep fried!! lol!

What I ate this year: Sauteed alligator with alligator shaped french fries. The alligator was so-so, a little chewy but not very flavorful, on the other hand the fries were GREAT! Very crisp and potato-y and seasoned just right! Nextwas a Strawberry Malt that I split, it was very yummy and you could taste the malted milk.

Then on to a Wild Game Bratwurst (Buffalo, elk, pork) with fried onions and mushrooms. Again, nothing too special here, too much bread and not enough meat. Then I split a mint and caramel

gelato cone and some Tom Thumb mini-doughnuts. Absolutely yummy! And to cap the night off I had a Raspberry Rage(?) smoothie. Sweet and delicious!

As you can tell, eating is a big thing at the fair. You walk so much! lol! I recommend splitting items so then you can maximize your sampling abilities! There is also the Mighty Midway, where you can ride off all of your food in one way or the other! My favorite are the water squirt gun games! I love those! Easy prize!

That's all that I have for now and I intend to post more on the baking, cooking and cabin portion, but its late and I'll have some more time to get to that later!

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