Thursday, November 25, 2010


What am I thankful for?

My Hubby
My family (immediate & in-laws)
Good health
A roof over my head
Steady income
Good friends

I thank God each and every day for these things and others. He has truly provided more for us than we deserve and in return we strive each and every day to serve him, glorify him, and thank him. We truly are blessed.

I am also thankful for....da da da....Good Food!!

These are few of the things that I baked up for the annual "Thanksgiving Dinner in The Barracks" that was put on by my hubby's work. Any chance I get to bake, I am going to scoop it up for sure! I decided on making 4 pies:

First up was a Pumpkin (I forgot to take a pic of it!!)

Then an Apple (I only got a pre-bake shot)

Followed by a Pecan

And finished up with my mothers Chocolate Pie (Recipe here)

Oh yeah, I also baked a ham too...but that was nothing too special, just a store bought one. All these yummy goodies were gobbled up in a hurry for sure!

All of the recipes were from the November issue of Food Network Magazine. And I tried a new pie crust recipe that was also in the zine....that was a fun experience. I did not read the directions very clearly and ended up adding an extra egg to the dough. It rolled out really nice, and baked up okay...just took a little longer than called for. It did not taste any different. Lesson learned ya'll!

I did make some "twists" with the leftover dough, some cinnamon, and sugar!

Anywho, I'm off to enjoy Turkey Day with some good company, and some good food!


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