Tuesday, September 21, 2010

RR - The Pit...


So, when the Hubby and I randomly decided to make a trip up to Raleigh, NC, we needed a place to eat dinner. I had heard of, and even walked by, this place...I think I walked by because it looked closed, or it was an off hour or somethings...little did I know what was inside!

Where we went: We had dinner at THE PIT BBQ. The Pit was started by Ed Mitchell and he specializes in whole hog pit-cooked barbeque. His restaurant has become known in the Raleigh area as one that servers tasty spins on classic southern dishes.

What we had: To start out the meal, we ordered some drinks. Hubby had a seasonal brew and I had some hard cider by the brand name of Original Sin. I like me a good ol' cider every now and then. This one was good, not too sweet. We were also brought a little basket of "munchies" that contained small biscuits and what I believe were hushpuppies. They were alright...slighly over breaded and a little bit too crisp...but man were they good when dipped in the BBQ sauce that was on the table.

Hubby chose the BBQ Ribs for his meal and his sides were cole slaw and sweet potato fries. I decided to stay light, and because I am a sucker for sweet potatoes and cornbread, I had the sweet potato skillet corn bread.

What we thought: The food was okay...with the exception of the ribs. They were very yummy, tangy, and moist. Fall off the bone good, in the NC barbeque style. Not a saucy, lick-your-fingers type, but a good clean tangy rib. If there is one thing the Pit does well, it is the meat. The sides were okay...the coleslaw needed more sauce and more tang, the sweet potato fries were just that...fries. Hubby was served quite a lot of them...so I was stealing some of course! The sweet potato skillet cornbread? It sounded a lot better than it was. I wish it was served with honey! (I didn't ask for any though...) I was served with a maple butter that could have used more maple flavor. The bread was moist and it did taste like sweet potatoes, but it confirmed for me that the two should be kept separate. You eat cornbread to taste corn, and you have sweet potatoes for their unique flavor.

Overall: 3 out of 5 Yums!
I would really like to go back and taste more meat. There was a menu option that I did not try, and looking back on it I should have, but it had something to do with chicken, barbeque, brie cheese and what not...but I thought it would be a little bit too much food. Oh well, now I know! But I would for sure like to sample more of their meat offerings...I feel like that is the star of the restaurant. Bring on the MEAT!!

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