Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sorry to all my readers for the prolonged absence! I have been shifting my focus from project to project that has been going on in my life right now. I am having an issue deciding on what blogs I want to focus on. I have come to the realization that I can handle a few, if they are managed in an effective way though out the week.

I also missed having a place to share really random things. This was that place. I am calling it my online journal. It is where I can share anything! Crafts, recipes, music, pictures...etc. I need this outlet!

I have been doing a lot! Just not sharing it quite as much. I have not made a lot of new recipes because the hubby and I tried this new Whole 9 30-day Challenge/Paleo diet. It was more for him than me...but there were benefits of it that I liked. It is basically a diet focused on meat, veggies, fruit, and fat. You don't eat anything unnatural, processed, dairy, sugar, and made of corn or HFCS, etc. So it was very basic, but challenging!

I liked that we were not eating pre-processed foods, everything is natural. We at many eggs, bacon, apples, broccoli, chicken, pork, beef, and some seafood. It was a challenge as well! I made my first homemade mayo, and some BBQ sauce. They are both works in progress, but it has really opened my eyes to new ways of making things. Even if there is a little more work involved, it is worth it, just to say I tried!

I have been exploring the island as well! We went to a Dam, a Castle, a really dirty park, and a gorgeous rugged rock cape lookout. I am currently taking a cake decorating class, provided by Wilton, at the local craft store, and I look forward to taking the next lesson in Fondant and Gum paste.

That leads me to my next love! I have started a from-home baking business. It is called Sarah's Sweets & Treats. I do cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and some special requests. It has been a struggle getting my name out there. There are outlets that I cannot use and those that would not be wise to use due to some shady people and what not. So things are a little slow, but I am sure it will progress with time! I have hope! I just need to build my skills (hence the class  :-)

My photography is also getting a work out! After getting my AWESOME camera form my Hubby for X-mas, I have been using it to photograph various things! But, I need to get caught up on my editing, which is proving to be a challenge...I need a place where I can sit for a few hours and work...i am not inspired (or maybe more distracted) at home...I have a few projects that I would like to get printed out and displayed. SOON!

But anywho, just wanted to post a little update! And, no worries, I will be back very soon and on a regular basis!

A lemon cake with lemon glaze

One of the cookies I made in class

A german chocolate cake I made for a friend's husband's birthday

Heart with sprinkles (from cake class) for Valentines Day. I brought this into Hubby's work for the guys to eat!

A glimpse at one of the projects I would like to start....


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