Friday, November 28, 2008

My 15 minutes (seconds) of FAME!!

I was on "TV"

By this I internet website...I am not sure if it was actually on the news.

The story goes...The hubby and I were at Barns n' Noble lookin' at books and getting my coffee fix, and we decided to go see a movie as we had some time to kill and there was a theater right in the same shoppin complex we were at. So...we started walking along and I see this young lady with a camera standing outside one of the shops.

She askes, "Did you get any of your Thanksgiving recipies off of the internet?"
And I was like, "Yes, I got a cookie recipe off of Flickr."
The she said "Do you want to be interviewed about it?" "It will be really quick."
And I was like (after a quick look to the hubby) "Sure, why not!"
So she asked me some questions about where I was from and whatnot, then asked me about the cookies that I was going to make...these ones...
and then I described them the best I could, trying not be confusing...and that was it!
I was thinking, as we were walking away, that "they are never gunna use that footage." And lo and behold, I found it online!! I was just sitting in the living room, with the hubby, watching Jeremiah Johnson and I thought about it, and then I decided to look it up and I FOUND it! Actually found an article and a VIDEO...that I am IN!! Woah! little did I know! funny...that lady must not have gotten alot of interviews that day! lol!
Well, just wanted to let you know! It made me smile!

HAPPY TURKEY DAY! **Gobble Gobble**

(I will have wonderful food pictures soon!)

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Mandi said...

Link us to the video!!